Tasty Treat Tuesday: Homemade "Savvy-Cicles"

Izzy loves "Savvy-Cicles" too!

Izzy loves "Savvy-Cicles" too!

Ever since I gave him his first one, back when he was about a year old, Jackson has been hooked on frozen yogurt-type treats. For years, I bought the brand name Frosty Paws at the grocery store and tried a few other brands and he loved them all. There's just something about the coldness and the texture and the ability to savor the flavor by lick, lick, licking all of that goodness out of the container. I haven't come across a dog yet that can't figure it out and LOVE it!

Well, except for Snickers. She chomps on the container at just the right angle, pops out the frozen disk of deliciousness and devours it in about 10 seconds. Then she does her best to look deprived and hurt that everyone else still has a treat and she has nothing.  

But I digress. A few years ago, I came across a recipe to make a homemade version of this frozen treat and I've been making my own ever since. No preservatives, I use smaller containers and the cost is MUCH less, even when considering the time it takes to mix them up.  

A few logistics. You'll need to free up a shelf of freezer space or you can make them in batches - they freeze solid enough to stack in about an hour. I buy 2 oz. plastic containers, the kind that are often used for to-go dressings or jello shots. They're just the right size and depth to provide a very satisfying lick-fest. I get mine in bulk at Costco, but you can usually find smaller quantities at some liquor stores...that's where I learned they were used for jello shots. Really, I swear.

A few other fun facts:

  • Yield:  3 1/2 to 4 dozen treats
  • Cost: $6.00-$6.50, or about 15 cents each!
  • Calories: Approx. 45 per serving
  • Yogurt is a good probiotic for dogs and can be soothing to their stomach
And a banana....imagine a banana in there.....

And a banana....imagine a banana in there.....


64 oz. low-fat, plain yogurt

2 bananas

4 tablespoons of honey

4 tablespoons of creamy peanut butter

Blend all ingredients using a blender or food processor and pour into individual containers. Freeze.

To add some variety, try substituting some canned pumpkin or unsweetened applesauce for part of the yogurt. Or try a different kind of fruit, such as peeled apples, mangoes or blueberries.



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