My little dog - a heartbeat at my feet.
— Edith Wharton

A sample of training and "just for fun" videos are shown below.  To see a full gallery of our videos, visit our SavvyDogU YouTube channel


Just for Fun

Fun playtime between Bubba, a 4 month old mini-Labradoodle and Bella, a 6 month old Italian Greyhound! 

A great example of dogs not "generalizing" a command!  They all three will usually give a hearty "woof" to the question "Do you love me?".  But throw in a group setting and some distance and you get this......HA!

Doug is amazingly agile when romping with Kate and Snickers! And everyone did pretty well taking a break when I called for it!


A standard trick on the Savvy Dog Lesson Plan, taught using basic Marker Training!

7 dogs...relative silence at the sound of the doorbell!!

This video was taken on the first day Jaeger worked on waiting at the gate...and he did pretty darn good!