In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn’t merely try to train him to be semi-human. The point of it is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.
— Edward Hoagland, author

There are two levels of Onsite Day Training services: 

Program Day - $35/day

Designed to work on specific behaviors or obedience skills that we have discussed.  Typically,  2 days/week for at least 2 weeks is the minimum number of sessions necessary to make progress, but you are not required to sign up for multiple sessions to start the program. We can vary the frequency and number of sessions depending on your goals, schedule, previous experience and the age/personality/breed of your dog.  In addition to the "Manners" discussed below, individual curriculum items that can be added include basic obedience skills, impulse control, polite greetings, leash manners, social skills with other dogs, shyness / fear of people and general socialization.   In addition to the group activities described below, a Program Day includes:

  • 45-60 minutes of individual training sessions with your dog
  • Verbal debrief at pickup and a written “Report Card” that includes a summary of the day’s activities and accomplishments as well as the suggested training exercises to practice at home
  • 15 minutes of Private Consult training time for you and your dog together. Typically, we combine 3-4 days worth of accrued time into one session.

Train-Maintain Day - $25/day

Designed to provide you and your dog with ongoing support to reinforce the skills you have been working towards.  Your dog is part of the group curriculum activities and you receive a verbal debrief at pickup.  There’s no official individual training time,  detailed written report or accrued consult time with this service.  However,  your dog will get some individual attention every day and from time-to-time, a “report card” to make sure his good behavior is noted and documented!!!

Add-on Services while at Day Training:

On-site Candid Photo Session - $30 for 4 print-quality digital files / $5 for each additional file

Photos are taken several times a week and posted to the Savvy Dog website or FB page just for fun.  You are welcome to view and download any of these images free of charge.  If you would like "official" photos of your dog along with 4 high quality digital files that you can print or use on cards, etc., just schedule a photo session when you make your reservation!

Force-free Nail Trim / Filing - $10 - $20 / session

Some dogs are so terrified of having their nails trimmed that they require sedation or heavy restraint during a standard grooming appointment.  I find that a majority of dogs can be "re-programmed" using counter-conditioning techniques to at least tolerate having their nails trimmed - but it can take some time.  If nail trims are a problem for your dog and you'd like to try this add-on service, let me know and we can discuss further.

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So...what goes on during a day at

Savvy Dog??

In some ways, a day at Savvy Dog is similar to most dog daycare facilities.  Dogs are dropped off in the morning and picked up in the late afternoon or early evening, tired from a full day away from home.  They get to play and socialize with other dogs, benefit from a change of scenery and don't just snoozing the day away until you get home!

But in addition to the typical daycare playtime, Savvy Dogs also have a “curriculum” that is structured to exercise their minds, teach and reinforce manners and support individual training sessions focused on specific behaviors.  Attendance is limited to 10 dogs and the environment is kept energized yet calm, relatively “bark-free” and balanced between activities and “observation”.  The typical curriculum categories are:

Group Games:  “Find It” (hiding lots of treats and letting the group search and devour!),  Group Stays and Call outs, Follow-the-leader, Hide-and-Seek

Individual Games / Activities:  Puzzle Toys, “Nosework”, Living Room Agility & Crate Games, Controlled Tug, Bike run

Manners:  “Wait” - at gates, doors, in the car;  “Break” - stop play on cue;  “Quiet” - no bossy or attention-getting barking allowed; “Gentle” - take treats politely & gently when your name is called;  no counter-surfing;  no begging; no guarding/hoarding toys, space or me; no jumping up on people; no rough play or intimidating other dogs 

Naptime / “Gnaw” time:  Dogs do need some downtime during an active day, so typically a 60-90 minute “naptime” is observed.  Dogs usually relax in a crate in the naproom with low lights, soft music and a frozen, stuffed Kong, bully stick or pig ear to gnaw on!

Individual training sessions:  For those dogs here for a Program day as described above.