Fab Photo Friday: 3 things I love about Maggie


#1:  If not for Maggie, I wouldn't have found Jackson

About 10 years ago, I kept Maggie for a weekend while her Dad, a friend and co-worker, went snow skiing. I had lost my dog Cody the month before and had convinced myself that waiting until spring to get another dog was the smart thing to do. Maggie was 9 months old, full of energy and absolutely adorable. And, she was such great company that I realized I just couldn't wait any longer to have another dog in my life! Since her Dad selfishly refused to let me keep her, I started looking at PetFinder.com the day she went home....and found Jackson!  

And her Dad has never let me forget it!


#2: She's Wonder Woman

Despite being almost 11 yrs old and having two ACL surgeries under her belt, Maggie just won't quit. She still LOVES to retrieve toys - sometimes two at a time so she doesn't have to share with sister Bessie!  And this summer, she spent two active weeks in Colorado with her family and conquered a 10 mile+ mountainous trek between Vail and Aspen!

And, in the pursuit of fun and frolic, she's not afraid to get a little mud and grass on her tongue.....! 



Posted on January 31, 2014 and filed under Photography.