Fab Photo Friday: Say What?

They say the best photos tell a story. Combine that with my occasional quirky obsession with making up stuff that I think dogs are thinking and you get today's captioned photo collection.....ENJOY! 


Niko: "She still has that black box pointed at me....why?"


Ringo: "Just look at the thing like this and you'll get TREATS!"


Niko: "Like this?"


Jackson: You're a natural, kid. Just tilt your head a bit and you'll be gold....."


Dakota: "Men!  While they're posing for the camera, I'm having to put up with this prissy little Bella, prancing around me wanting to play. I swear, I'm on my last nerve......"



Bella: "Hey Miss Diva Fluffy-Coat....who you callin' prissy???"


Snickers: "Please tell me it's Friday."

Posted on March 28, 2014 and filed under Photography.