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Canine Cabin Fever?? You "NOSE" it!

A cold, blustery, winter day is a great time to break out the board games and spend quality time with friends and family. Dogs love games too and since Catchphrase or Monopoly can be a challenge when you don't have opposable thumbs, your dog will sure appreciate you finding some games that cater to their most amazing physical feature....their NOSE!

Posted on February 8, 2014 and filed under General Training.

A Moving "Tail"!

I've had the opportunity over the last few days to keep a good friend's dogs, Charlie and Dakota, while the family moved from one house in town to another. My friend has been concerned about the stress that both dogs have been under due to all of the packing, real estate showings and schedule upheaval that a major move causes.

Posted on January 18, 2014 and filed under Profiles.

Savvy Dog Defined

I was deathly afraid of dogs as a child. According to my parents, I could spot a dog blocks away and, as only a 3 year old can do,  have a full blown meltdown. They suspected my fear began when a friend's German Shepherd nipped me, but they don't know for sure. When asked at church about my little scratch, I did proclaim "that damn Corky did it".

Posted on January 11, 2014 and filed under General Training.